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A review of the 2014-19 AONB Management Plan

What's your view?

The 2014-19 Management Plan for the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is being reviewed and we want your ideas and suggestions for 2019-24.

Please complete our online survey which is available until 31st March 2018.  


We want to know if the current Management Plan addresses the right areas with the right policies. Your opinions will help to shape the future of our protected landscape.

A summary of the responses we receive will be published alongside the revised Management Plan in March 2019.

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Every response will be useful for us, thank you for your time.


The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 requires that all Local Authorities in the South Devon AONB act together to review and publish amendments to the current Management Plan by 31st March 2019.  The South Devon AONB Staff Unit has been asked to undertake this review on their behalf. The review process, the Draft South Devon AONB Management Plan 2019-24 and the work that follows, will seek to reflect the views and aspirations of a wide range of individuals, organisations, businesses and bodies.


Statement of consultation process


This Statement of the Consultation Process sets out in broad detail how the South Devon AONB Partnership will consult on the review of the existing 2014-19 South Devon AONB Management Plan. The AONB Partnership has agreed that a ‘light touch’ review should be undertaken and not a wholesale change to the Plan that is working well and delivering positive outcomes across the AONB.

It is not intended to amend the existing key objectives or policies in the current Management Plan. The focus will be on restructuring and updating the evidence/background/context and forces for change to enable the identification of a Delivery Plan that is relevant and targeted to current and future challenges.

The AONB Management Plan

The revised AONB Management Plan will comprise three parts.

Part1 is the main strategy document, setting out the context, vision, key objective, policies, priority actions and indicators.

Part 2 is the Delivery Plan, detailing the targets and actions for the plan.

Part 3 contains the Supporting documents, including the screening and environmental assessments/reports, Planning Guidance document, special qualities annex, evidence documentation and statements of consultation and approvals.

We will consult internally and externally on the draft main strategy document, confirming the context is relevant and up to date and the evidence and forces for change are appropriate.

This Statement of the Consultation Process sets out the minimum we will apply in undertaking consultation and engagement with the public. The attached table shows how we intend to consult at each stage of the review. In some cases, we made add to the consultation, as opportunities arise. It will be updated accordingly, and revised versions will be placed on the AONB web site.