Election of community representatives to the AONB Partnership Committee

Why not consider nominating an individual for appointment to the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership Committee to serve as a local representative?

Nominations are invited in the eight categories listed below:

  • One representative of  amenity groups of the AONB
  • One representative of the landowning or farming community of the AONB.
  • One representative of  the business community of the AONB.
  • One  representative  of parish/town councils in the AONB.
  • One  representative of community or voluntary groups active in the AONB.
  • One representative of the professional non-government environmental organisations active in the management of the AONB.
  • One representative of the tourism sector in the AONB
  • One representative of the estuary and marine sector of the AONB

Why have a Partnership Committee?

AONBs are looked after by many different organisations, local authorities, landowners, community groups and so on. Someone has to take an overall view – that is what the AONB Partnership Committee is for.

What is the role of the Committee?

The purpose of the Committee is:

  • To provide a strategic lead in the protection and care of the South Devon AONB.
  • To oversee the preparation of the AONB Management Plan.
  • To promote awareness of the special qualities and national status of the AONB.
  • To provide guidance to the work of the AONB staff unit.
  • To advise on projects and activities that benefit the AONB


Elections will take place at our annual open forum meeting on Monday 22nd October at  The Flavel Arts Centre in Dartmouth . Organisations that choose not to nominate a candidate are most welcome to attend the open evening to represent their organisation and take part in the voting.  Please see  downloads at the side of this page for the master call for nominations, nomination form and code of conduct. Closing date 5pm Monday 8th October.