The national AONB family

South Devon is one of a national “family” of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which together cover 20,000 square kilometres (15.6% of the land area) of England and Wales.

The National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The AONBs collaborate through their membership of the National Association of AONBs. The Association was formed in December 1998 and has established itself as the national voice of AONBs in England and Wales. It is a company limited by guarantee with an executive committee elected by its member organisations.

The Countryside Agency

The Agency is responsible for designating AONBs and promoting their care and management.

South West Protected Landscapes Forum

38% of the South West region is covered by statutory national landscape designations, with 12 entire AONBs (and parts of two others) and two National Parks. In addition to the protected landscapes there are 396 miles (638km) of designated Heritage Coast, 620 miles (997 km) of South West Coast Path National Trail, three World Heritage Sites and two Community Forests. The quality and character of the environment are a key driver of the regional economy and quality of life.

The AONBs and National Parks of the region pursue common aims and initiatives through the work of the South West Protected Landscapes Forum. This is the umbrella body for the most prized places of natural beauty in the region.

The Forum organises regular business meetings and topic workshops to deliver its objectives.