Boats on the Yealm

A review of the 1998 Yealm Estuary Management Plan

Shaping the future of the Yealm Estuary

The first Yealm Estuary Management Plan was published in 1998 (available to download on the right) and many of the specific actions within it are complete. However some issues, by their nature, require ongoing action.

As part of the initial process of developing the 2007 - 2012 plan, the successes and shortcomings of the 1998 plan were reviewed. This was undertaken in 2004-2005, through a series of consultations with organisations and the public.

The revised plan addresses a wide range of environmental issues from water quality and marine habitats, to public access and fisheries, communications and awareness. It covers not only the estuary, but a wider range of issues throughout the catchment that affect the estuary.

There is no one organisation responsible for the Yealm, so the plan refers to actions by many different agencies and groups.

The revised plan covering the five year period 2007-2012 is available to download on the Yealm Estuary page.

The original 1998 plan is available to download on the right of this page.