Mansands Ley

Coastal scarp slopes and combes

These slopes and combes include a number of incisions in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) coast between the river Erme and Brixham including the Gara and Start valleys, which extend up to 4.5km inland. The estuary and river valleys are excluded.


  • Narrow, steep valleys or more open shallow system
  • Coastal influence in exposure, vegetation and extensive views
  • Unenclosed woodland and small to medium irregular fields
  • Mixed cultivation with much grassland, wet pasture and scrub
  • Wide earth banks, stone boundary walls and gateposts
  • Old settlements in combes, with stone as dominant building material
  • Narrow winding roads and limited vehicle access to coast
  • Extensive coastal rights of way with steep paths down to beaches
  • High, open and exhilarating on top slopes, grading to intimate and enclosed in lower valley