Avon Valley

near Woodleigh

Inland undulating uplands

These plateaux are found inland between the rivers and estuaries throughout the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), some 'fingers' extend towards the coast and are influenced by coastal exposure. 


  • Gently rolling upland plateau spine with fingers, sloping steeply towards edges
  • Mixed cultivation, with grassland in a medium regular pattern on slopes and arable cultivation on flatter central areas, with low hedges and few hedgerow trees
  • Wide low hedgebanks with few hedgerow trees, pine and beech locally distinctive
  • Small discrete conifer plantations and broadleaf woodlands
  • Sparse sinuous road network of minor roads
  • Very sparse settlement pattern of small villages, isolated houses and farms, indicative of parkland estates
  • High and open, with extensive views where hedgebanks permit
  • Visually intrusive settlements on plateau edge including parts of Salcombe, Townstall and Stoke Fleming