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Holbeton Village

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Doing your bit

South Devon is amazing – in fact it is outstanding! By doing our bit we can all help it stay this way and keep the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) a great place to live, work and play.

Under your own steam

Dump the car and explore the AONB on foot. There is a great network of footpaths and green lanes around the area. You can find details in the OS OL20 explorer map or try Where you can walk, ride and cycle in Devon on the Devon County Council website.

  • Get on your bike – the quiet lanes, cycle tracks and bridlepaths make cycling a good way to get around. Find out more at 1 South West.
  • A ride with a view! The First 93 bus runs on the route from Dartmouth to Plymouth. The views from upstairs on the double decker are much better than in your car as you can see right over the hedges of our deep lanes! Visit the Traveline website for bus routes and timetable enquiries.
  • On the water – use the ferries and coats running along the estuaries or even hire a boat or canoe yourself to see the sights from the water.

Taste the landscape

  • Buy local whenever you can. That way you are supporting the economy of the AONB and cutting down your food miles.
  • Be seasonally aware. Check the greengrocers or markets for the very best of fresh fruit and veg when it is in season.
  • Pick your own. The hedges and lanes of the AONB are chockfull of nature’s harvest. You just need to get to know where and when to go looking! From mushrooms to blackberries, it is all there for the picking.

Go green

  • Be aware of what you are putting down your sink. The cleaners and detergents that we use can have an effect on the watercourses in the area. Ultimately, what goes down your sink, ends up in the estuaries and the sea. Try to choose detergents that have a low phosphate content or are biodegradable. Visit the Phosphate Free Estuaries website for more information.
  • Oily drips? All of these small drips add up, and eventually will end up in the estuary. Make sure your car is keeping the oil where it needs to, in the engine and not on the road! There are also oil collection points at the District Council recycling centres.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and it means less goes to landfill or incineration.
  • Save energy whenever you can.

Keep it special

  • If you live in a traditional building, find out about ways to maintain and replace fixtures using traditional methods. Support local crafts people to help keep these skills alive.
  • The small villages, hamlets and larger market towns of the AONB are features of our landscape. If you need to make alterations or improvements to your home or buildings, think about how this may fit in to the wider look and landscape of the area.
  • Help keep our beaches and countryside beautiful by taking litter home and sticking to the Countryside Code.
  • Find out more about the AONB at one of our events.