Project archive

This is an overview of projects completed by South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

New Coast Path route to Strete

The new path was opened by AONB Patron Jonathan Dimbleby on 9th July 2015. The new path section will provide a safer and more interesting route between Strete Gate and the village centre of Strete.

Routeways and Connections

The Routeways and Connections project successfully engaged communities in a physical and hands on way, with the natural heritage of the Brixham and Kingswear Peninsula, employing a range of creative and innovative tools and approaches. It took place between March and June 2015.

All Our Stories

A Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories grant was awarded to South Devon AONB to lead on an exciting project 'Living off the Land - the changing face of farming in South Devon'. The All Our Stories project examined farming in South Devon, focusing on how things have changed over the past 50 years, changes in farm size and in traditional family farms.


Cordiale was a European cross border project working on sustainable landscape management. As part of the Cordiale project, South Devon AONB worked with communities in Holbeton and Wembury to help them map their local area.

Brixham Urban Fringe Landscape Study

This study focused on the landscape of the Brixham urban fringe and how the pressures for growth might be considered alongside the primary purpose of the South Devon AONB designation.

50 Outstanding Years: 1960 - 2010

The 50 Outstanding Years Programme marked and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the designation of South Devon as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which took effect on 2nd August 1960. The programme involved conservation projects, orchard and tree planting, community art and photography, parish studies, and recorded memories from locals.

Reducing Light Pollution

The South Devon AONB's Light Pollution Reduction Project, supported by the AONB Sustainable Development Fund, aims to help rural communities take action to avoid obtrusive lighting that spills out into our night sky masking its true beauty.

Action on Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is Britain's most invasive non-native plant. The AONB unit, supported by partner organisations of the Devon Knotweed Forum, worked to raise awareness about the urgent need to get a local grip on Knotweed.

Horses, the Landscape and You

South West Protected Landscape Forum, in partnership with The British Horse Society and The Farming Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG), has produced a publication for horse keepers in the South West. 'Horses the Landscape and You' gives information and contacts to help make sure horses are well cared for and make a positive contribution to our landscape.

Tackling Himalayan balsam

The Gara Invasives Project aimed to control Himalayan Balsam throughout the Gara Valley local area, upstream from the Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve.

Life into Landscape

The Life into Landscape scheme, funded by the National Lottery, was a programme of activities to conserve and enhance the natural beauty and rich heritage of South Devon. It officially drew to a close in March 2007. The £1.3m international award-winning partnership can look back on a considerable list of achievements.