Canoeing on the Dart

South Devon Outdoors

South Devon Outdoors is made up of ‘like minded' businesses who share their passion for adventure with their love of South Devon’s coast, estuaries, countryside and wildlife.

Principles of the group

  • All members  are committed to the South Devon Outdoors ‘Sustainable Activities Charter’
  • Environment is key driver for growth – marketing niche
  • Educate and attract customers to South Devon as a destination for adventurous activity
  • Achieve consistency and  high quality of experience
  • Get businesses to talk and work together
  • Achieve environmental and economic sustainability

Membership benefits

  • Net working with other local outdoor activities businesses
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Social media identity
  • Joint funding opportunities
  • Training courses
  • Brand development
  • Annual event to promote what is available in the area
  • Access to a range of equipment to loan from the AONB Unit

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Association Chairman: Ali Jones Sea n Shore [email protected]

If you would like any further information about the group please contact:

Diane Lethbridge [email protected]