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Devon Countryside Access Forum

Set up as a statutory forum under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, the Devon Countryside Access Forum is carrying out its annual recruitment of members.  The role of the Forum is to provide independent advice on issues associated with improving access to land for recreation and enjoyment.

Membership of the Forum provides an interesting and exciting opportunity to get involved in advising on policies affecting access and assist in the development of strategies and priorities which will determine how our countryside and green space will be enjoyed in the future.  Over the past year, for example, the Forum has commented on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plans and discussed access opportunities with the Devon Wildlife Trust for its new site at Meeth.

The Forum is supported by Devon County Council which appoints its members.  It has fifteen members who represent a balance between land managers, those with access interests (such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders) and other areas of expertise; for example disability issues, health and conservation. Two members are also councillors. The aim of the Forum is to achieve a consensus view on priorities and policies affecting access provision, including development of proposals and priorities under the Rights of Way Improvement Plan (Devon County Council 2005).

The closing date is 21 February 2014.  Application forms, accompanying details and information on the work of the Devon Countryside Access Forum, including the latest Annual Report, can be found on