Greater Horseshoe bat

Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Initiative

A partnership of organisations concerned about the future of the Greater Horseshoe Bat across Devon has joined forces to develop a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to support a large scale initiative and assist the bats long term recovery in the county.  The roost sites provided by South Devon’s caves and buildings, coupled with commuting routes formed by the extensive hedgerow, wooded estuary fringes and rivers valleys and the grasslands and pastures that support bat food in the form of insects make the central and eastern part of South Devon AONB part of the important landscape jigsaw puzzle on which Greater Horseshoe Bats depend.

The South Devon AONB has been an integral part of the project development group, helping to shape the final proposals and will be integral to project delivery in future years. A decision from the HLF panel is anticipated in  March 2014.  A thumbs up  would trigger a further development phase and enable up to 5 years of :

  • Community engagement, understanding and celebration of Greater Horseshoe Bats in our landscape
  • More resilient and coherent bat sustenance zones
  • Robust research and evidence, monitoring and evaluation programmes
  • Integrated and coordinated advice to landowners

For further information contact Roger English, AONB Project Officer [email protected]