Sharpham on the Dart

Sharpham nightscape

Join in the CPRE star count and put us on the map: Friday 8th - Saturday 16th February

South Devon AONB would like you to get involved in the CPRE Annual Star Count for 2013 to find out how dark our skies are. The results will help us to identify areas where light pollution is a problem which is spoiling the natural beauty of the night sky within the AONB.

You don’t need a telescope; all you need to do is go outside after dark between Friday 8th and Sunday 16th February and count how many stars you can see within the four corner points of the Orion constellation. Seeing more than thirty stars within Orion means you’re lucky enough to have truly dark skies; fewer than ten indicates severe light pollution.

Afterwards, please enter your survey results online via the CPRE website and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a telescope. You can submit a star count from anywhere in the UK or even another country. Please only submit one star count unless you are submitting other counts from different locations.

All the star count results from across the country will be collected and a star count map will be published to show where the darkest skies were with the most visible stars
For more information about the Star Count, including help with finding Orion, please click here