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Skerries Bank and surrounds is one of 27 designated MCZs

Skerries Bank and surrounds was announced on 21st November as one of 27 Marine Comservation Zones (MCZs). The site located on the South Devon coast runs along the coast from Leek Cove at Limebury Point to Torcross, and extends from the coast line out to depths of approximately 70 metres. The site overlaps with the Start Point Inshore Potting Agreement. Skerries Bank and Surrounds is an area that supports a highly diverse range of species that live on the seabed or in the water column and is also known to be an important breeding area for flat fish.

Why is this site important?

Skerries Bank and Surrounds is known to cover an area that has a high diversity of seabed-dwelling species. The wide range of seabed types within the site contributes to this level of biodiversity by providing a variety of environments where marine wildlife can live. Skerries Bank and Surrounds has the largest extent of moderate energy infralittoral rock found within any of the Marine Conservation Zones in the south west region. Protecting this, as well as 10 other habitat types means this is an important site.

What does this Marine Conservation Zone protect?

This site protects 11 different habitat types and their associated species as well as offering specific protection to two species of conservation importance. Rocky seabed is present across the site from the intertidal to deeper water.