A plinth designed to prevent loss of foreshore and habitat quality

Camping barn under construction

Gara Rock cafe and apartments

A disused barn near Westcombe beach

South Devon AONB Planning Guidance Consultation

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the consultation by completing a survey or attending one of our workshops.

Once the feedback from the workshops and the survey has been collated we will be publishing the findings here.

Our South Devon AONB Planning Guidance seeks to support and facilitate high quality development in the designated area and its setting that is consistent with conserving and enhancing the special qualities of the AONB, yet also contributes to the sustainable use and management of the areas rich natural and cultural assets.

Adopting the Plan

The Planning Guidance will be formally adopted by the South Devon AONB Partnership as an annex to the South Devon AONB Management plan and will thereafter become a ‘material consideration’ in determining planning decisions.

It is the ambition of the South Devon AONB Partnership that the Planning Guidance is formally adopted by its Local Planning Authorities as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), part of a suite of documents that informs Local Plan policy and practice.

The expected date for publication of the South Devon AONB Planning Guidance has been delayed from December 2016 to 17th March 2017 when it is due to be adopted by the Partnership Commitee. The delay has been due to additional points being included to strengthen the document as a result of information that came to light later on in its development.