South Devon AONB Follaton House,
Plymouth Road, Totnes TQ9 5NE


Tel: 01803 229330



Map of South Devon AONB

Covering 340 square kilometres (131 square miles) of coastline, estuaries and countryside, South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) stretches from Berry Head in Brixham to Jennycliff in Plymouth. As well as being a place of fabulous views and fantastic countryside it is home to 34,000 people. The shaded area in the map shows the South Devon AONB designated area.

To view a detailed map of the AONB that takes you to property level and shows you other environmental landscape features, use this link Devon County Council’s Environment Viewer. This link will take you to a map focused in on South Devon AONB with Parish and Town boundaries pre-drawn.


Alternatively, use the link to DCC’s Environment Viewer below together with the quick guide for adding the South Devon AONB and Parish boundaries:

1. Go to the DCC Environment viewer, read and scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions and tick to say you agree.  Note there will be an About or Information button at top right of the screen.



2. Use the Basemap Gallery to change base maps to other formats; it may be worthwhile switching to a greyscale for example.




3. To add the AONB layer, click the Layer List icon. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England) layer can be found by expanding “Landscapes” then “National & International Designations”. Note you need to tick the box against all upper tiers ‘above’ the AONB layer to make it visible.

4. To add Parish and Town admin boundaries.


A: use the Add Data button on the left hand side of the screen.



B: A window will appear where you can search for the admin boundaries. Type “admin” into the search box and select the search button.



C: Although multiple results may be returned for “AdminBoundaries”, select only ‘MapService by AGPAdmin’ by clicking ADD.


D: To make this layer visible, click the Layer List icon again; untick any already selected in within the “AdminBoundaries” tier then tick the box next to ‘Parish’. Note the “AdminBoundaries” box in the upper tier must remain ticked to make the layer visible.


5. Click on the Legend icon in the top right to open the map Legend. You should then be able to understand what the symbols mean.