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COVID-19 Update 24th March

COVID-19 Update 24th March

Contacting us

We are now working remotely. However, we can still take phone calls and respond to emails as usual. All our contact details remain the same, including our main office phone number and email address:

Main office number: 01803 861384

Main email: [email protected]

Individual team member contact details


Events and meetings

Our events and those planned by our partners are being cancelled, postponed, or conducted remotely where possible. If you are due to attend an event or meeting please contact the organiser.


Follow public health guidelines

First and foremost  it is important that you stay up-to-date with and follow the latest Public Health guidelines. If you go outside to exercise please ensure social distancing is observed and that you do this from home. Nature can be seen all around and now is the time to appreciate what is on our doorstep.


Supporting local businesses

Many local independent businesses across the area are working out how they can continue to deliver produce and services whilst keeping everyone safe. We would like to support them during this immensely difficult time and will be sharing details from these local businesses as they become available.


Let nature nurture

There are many ways in which natural beauty can have an uplifting and calming influence. With all the worrying news stories being shared, taking a breather and enjoying what we can of our natural world is so important to our health and wellbeing.

There are plenty of things you can still do to benefit from the effect of nature, without leaving home.

Spring is upon us, flowers are starting to bloom in our gardens and hedge banks, the birds are singing as the trees come into leaf, and bees and other pollinators are starting to emerge from their winter hideaways, along with other animals.

So, take a break from the news and try out one of these:


Get to know your garden birds

Top up your bird feeder and get to know your garden birds better – get help with bird identification from RSPB.

This is a great idea if you want to help entertain a neighbour who is housebound too!

If you don’t have a bird feeder here’s how to make one!


Look up

Open your window, let the fresh air in, sit calmly as the clouds go by. Wait till night falls on a clear night and enjoy the starry skies.

Enjoy the sounds of nature

With less of us taking to the roads and fewer planes in the sky there will be more opportunity for us to enjoy the sounds of nature – the birds, the bees and the creatures of the night!


At home with the kids?

With children being off school, many of us are looking for ways to keep young minds occupied and energy levels under control!

The Wildlife Trusts have some great ideas for nature-based activities.

How about making homes for the minbeasts in your garden?

For other suggestions read on…


Learn about the wildlife around you

If you have a garden, get outside and learn more about birds, bugs, flowers and other garden wildlife! If you don’t have a garden, why not use your time to read up on wildlife and the places you can see it, ready for you to explore when it is safe to do so.

Amphibians and reptiles – Froglife

Bugs – Buglife

Butterflies – Butterfly Conservation

Bats – Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

Garden wildlife – RSPB

Plants – Plantlife

Plant identification – Botanical Keys

Trees and woodland plants – Woodland Trust

South Devon AONB Habitats


Help others to find solace in nature

If you’re on social media, please share your nature photographs with the hashtags #solaceinnature and #naturenurture to give people a break from distressing news feeds.. If you also use #SouthDevonAONB  we can share them too.

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Twitter: @SouthDevonAONB
Instagram: @southdevonaonb

Stay safe

The South Devon AONB team