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Doorstep Arts and Lote!

Doorstep Arts and Lote!


Doorstep Arts have been brought on board as a cultural partner on the Life on The Edge project to work on programming various arts activities to take place across the year. Sonia Thakurdesai & Amy Mellows from Doorstep have been working closely with Nicky Bailey to produce the arts strand and have lots of exciting things in the mix!


One of the highlights so far has definitely been our site visits to the various hotspots on the coast, and just experiencing being ‘on the edge’. Nicky has shared lots of wonderful insights about the coast and the insects and bees that live along it, but going to visit the sites in person was an entirely different experience and so we’re excited to be able to use arts to engage more people to feel connected to the coast and to this project.



We have lots brewing away at the moment including working with Drama students from the University of Exeter, who have been creating a touring environmental piece of theatre about the project to perform to local children and families. We are collaborating with Conservation Works to create nature-focused dementia friendly craft kits.


We’ve been in conversations with a host of wonderful local artists and getting them into schools such as KEVICC and Wembury Primary and local participatory groups to run arts workshops to open up dialogue and educate about the project. Whether it’s through the power of words and poetry, wildlife journaling, drama games, arts and crafts. We’re continuing all of this and lots more in the lead up to the Life on the Edge Carnival this summer!





We are also about to release an exciting theatre commission callout for SW based environmental theatremakers, so keep your eyes peeled…”



Amy and Sonia  Doorstep Arts