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Nominate a community representative for the AONB Partnership Committee

Nominate a community representative for the AONB Partnership Committee

The South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit is calling for nominations for community representatives to the AONB Partnership Committee The election takes place on 22nd October at the Flavel Arts Centre in Dartmouth. There are eight separate categories and representatives serve for a period of three years.



The committee meets four times a year, as part of these meetings, the Partnership visits sites in the AONB to discuss issues with landowners and community members. It’s role is to provide a strategic lead in the protection and care of the South Devon AONB, promote awareness of the special qualities and national status of the AONB, provide guidance to the AONB staff unit on its work and advise on projects and activities that benefit the AONB. Unlike National Parks AONBs must rely on partnership, co-operation and co-ordination. It seeks to balance the conservation of the landscape with the needs of local communities and the economy.


What is needed?

The AONB Partnership Committee aims to have members who are committed to the purposes of AONB designation and management, bring to the Partnership a wealth of experience and expertise of their own and of their respective organisations, are active outside the scheduled Partnership Committee meetings as AONB ambassadors, have a good knowledge of the area and understanding of local issues, can circulate information and act as an advocate for the AONB through their respective organisations, attend the Partnership Committee meetings.



The eight categories are agriculture, business, tourism, voluntary organisations, estuary and marine, parish and town councils, environmental organisations and amenity groups. Individuals may self-nominate or nominate another person. Nominations must be received by 8th October. AONB Manager Roger English commented “we rely on the community representatives on the Partnership to bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the organisation and really value their input. Its important they are willing to communicate with their sector to ensure that local organisations can make their views known.”


Further information

If anyone would like to have an informal chat about the roles they’re invited to call the AONB office and speak to Roger English, the AONB Unit Manager, tel: 01803 861384. Further information and the nomination form are available to view and download at