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Farming in the AONB

Farmers, growers and land managers  have helped shape the landscape as they  look after it and feed the nation.


2021 marks the start of a four-year transition period during which BPS payments will be phased out in the lead up to Environmental Land Management. The best way to keep payments coming in and ensure you’re ready for E.L.M. is to apply for the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.


The scheme is being simplified with new offers to apply for, and additional penalties have been removed (although reductions can still occur where things can’t be put right). There will be advice and support to help you enhance the environment as part of a sustainable business.



Agricultural Transition Plan-  What we know so far


Find out more: Stewart Horne Business Information Point  Agricultural Support Presentation-March 2021


New schemes are moving away from the current Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)


They will focus on 3 key areas:


Improving the environment


Improving animal health & welfare


Reducing carbon emissions



The transition will begin with several key changes:


  • Removal of greening rules
  • The first reduction of BPS (5-25%)
  • More detailed guidance on ELM will be published shortly
  • The national pilot will begin in the spring of 2021


From 2022 the Sustainable Farming Incentive will be available, intended to be a simple package accessible to all farmers and land managers.


A pilot will operated from the Autumn of 2021 with the scheme roll out from 2022.


Farming in protected landscapes


From summer 2021-2024, the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme will provide financial support to farmers and other land managers in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The funding will help them support and manage the natural environment, cultural heritage and public access.


Commencing summer 2021 for 3 years


DEFRA is proposing a time limited package to help farmers in protected landscapes, our AONBs and National Parks, to adapt during the transitional period ahead as the future of Britain’s agricultural world changes.


This programme commencing in the summer of 2021 will lay the groundwork for the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELM) by supporting farmers and land managers to deliver environmental outcomes.


The scheme will deliver funding through the Protected Landscapes bodies including the South Devon AONB Partnership to support farmers in making improvements to the natural environment, cultural heritage and public access on their land.


As a protected landscape, we will be involved in the delivery of this programme


Farmers  could benefit from the following:

  • Farm level projects to diversify incomes, to prepare for ELMS and create more green jobs
  • Wider infrastructure investment and projects supporting farmers and rural economies

Keeping in touch


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