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AONB Partnership: Meetings & Papers

The meeting schedule for 2022 is:


Time & Location


Friday 11th March 2022

Time & Location

10am, remote video meeting


Friday 24th June 2022

Time & Location


Friday 22nd July 2022
rearranged from 24 June

Time & Location

10am, Hybrid: in person at Follaton House and via remote video


Friday 25th November 2022

Time & Location

10am, Hybrid: in person (venue tbc) and via remote video

Agenda and papers for the next meeting


The AONB Partnership Committee meets three times a year. Pdf versions of the agenda papers are placed on this webpage one week in advance of the meeting followed by the minutes of the same a fortnight afterwards. If you require the papers in another format please contact us.


Take part



Online meetings provide the opportunity for observers to follow the meeting live via the South Devon AONB YouTube channel. The livestreams commence after Public Statements have completed.


Note the recording to YouTube will be suspended prior to any agenda item containing privileged information that we are not entitled to make public, resuming again immediately afterwards.


With effect from the July 2022 meeting, a new format of a hybrid meeting will be held as a trial. There will be an in person meeting taking place at Follaton House with remote access provided by use of a Meeting Owl. The meeting will be broadcast to YouTube allowing Observers to follow the meeting live.


If you would like more information about attending as an observer, please feel free to contact us.


Make a statement

At the Chair’s invitation, members of the public and representatives of interested organisations are able to make a statement or comment about any matter on the Committee’s agenda. The time may also be used to present a petition on any matter within the Committee’s remit. The length of Public Statement time will be no more than 15 minutes total.


  • If there are many people who wish to speak for one particular item, the Chair may direct that a representative should be nominated to present the views of a group.
  • The amount of time for anyone wishing to speak will be restricted, normally to three minutes only.
  • Presenters are requested to make their statements in a constructive and respectful manner, that refrains from making personal remarks about any one individual or organisation.
  • Presenters are respectfully reminded to ensure statements are factual. Responsibility for fact checking the statement, prior to delivery, rests with the presenter.
  • There is no formal response within the meeting however the Chair may clarify a point of fact, or request the presenter to clarify a point of fact, in very exceptional circumstances.


Anyone wishing to speak should email us providing brief details on their proposed statement at least one week before the meeting.


Submitting questions or information

Members of the public or interested organisations are welcome to submit questions or information for consideration by the Partnership Committee meeting, provided that the question is submitted to the AONB Manager in writing or by e-mail at least three weeks in advance of the meeting date.


The Partnership will provide a reply through the AONB Manager within two weeks of the Partnership Committee meeting.



Public Forum

Presentations are not currently taking place.

2019 Annual Open Forum

The 2019 Annual Open Forum took place on Wednesday 9th October 2019 at Stokeley Farm Shop. The event celebrated food and drink in the AONB and concluded with a presentation of the 2018-19 Annual Review.


Unfortunately we were unable to hold a 2020 Open Forum due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We are now looking forward to our 2021 event.

Meeting Papers

Below are pdf versions of papers for Partnership Committee meetings. To see papers from meetings that took place earlier than shown, or to request a different format, please contact us.

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