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How the Community is Shaping the Landscape

How the community is shaping the landscape


A cross-national research case study

The research project was initiated in 2019 (-2022) and is a collaboration between the University of Bologna and the University of Plymouth.


Principles of the project

The project is looking at how shifting structures within the community, that often manifest in high land prices, in-migration and second homes in the more scenic and accessible parts of the rural landscape, effectively influence surroundings over time. The project methodology will be applied to a comparative cross-national study in three different rural areas engaging local stakeholders and authorities:

  • South Devon AONB (UK)
  • Gotland (Sweden)
  • Bruiu (Romania)


Project aims

In the end, the project aims to empower and assist communities in the South Devon AONB to conserve and enhance their landscape by offering accessible tools for monitoring and evaluating landscape change beyond the project’s lifetime. It further hopes to Stimulate positive solutions and interventions for inclusion in neighbourhood plans, local plans, place making strategies, design guides and AONB planning guidance.


The project is currently developing questionnaires, workshops and a programme of activities for partners and local communities to participate in.


Get involved

Anyone living within, nearby by or visiting the area (or just curious about the project) and who wishes to get involved should contact


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