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The Bigger Picture

This project is based on photography taken from key vantage points throughout the South Devon Area of Outstanding NaturalBeauty (AONB) to capture changes in the landscape over the next 20 years.


The use of a post mounted camera, that can be taken from site to site, ensures the same view extents are captured each time a visit is made.


Each set of photographs contributes to the ‘bigger picture’ and will aid our understanding of landscape change over time.

An information sheet, introducing the sites, kit, photos, results, and providing more background detail on why we are undertaking the project, can be downloaded on this page (see downloads).


View some early results from the Fixed Point Photography work.


There are eight Fixed Point Photography sites across the South Devon AONB; these are shown on the map (see downloads section on this page).

For a full set of photographs from each site please select from the links below to view them on flickr:
FP1: Sharkham Point, Brixham

FP2: Sharpham Estate

FP3: Bridgend (Noss Mayo)

FP4: Curtisknowle

FP5: East Cornworthy

FP6: East Portlemouth

FP7: Mount Folly Farm (Bigbury-on-Sea)

FP8: Torcross


For a selection of nightscape photographs taken at the fixed point photography sites, please select from one of the links below to view them on flickr:

FP2: Sharpham Estate at night

FP5: East Cornworthy at night


The Bigger Picture also has links with the AONB’s work to reduce light pollution across the area and safeguard our dark skies. Find out more about dark skies and light pollution.


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